Friday, November 9, 2012

Front Row Monthly | November 2012

Last month l received a lovely email from the Front Row magazine Editor Mrs. Gina Caruso Hussar asking me for an interview, she was very nice saying that she enjoys my blog and would like to do an interview and was wondering if l would accept. Well l never say no to anyone, l think if l can share more what l think about fashion and music whatever is happening at the moment, l think it’s cool and it’s my pleasure to do it. So last week she sent me a copy the interview and OMG! l just love what she very nicely wrote about me, my big thank you for the whole team, l’m truly happy with the beautify words l mean comparing me with Kate Moss and Coco Rocha wowww you guys made my year  l also want to say that l do my blog with all my heart, l don’t follow any rules l don’t copy l share what l feel like. Fashion on Rock became a huge part of my life that l thank God every day for l had created such thoughtful way to get until people all around the world, it’s a blessing be able to share, inspire, make somehow somebody feel happy, excited or just the simple fact to be able to imagine what it is being in this excited world called fashion*

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