Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blue Nite******

Well hello Fashion on Rock Lovers***** Last night l had my first  birthday party, but it was A surprise one, l couldn’t believe soooo much love by my dear friends, the place call BLUE Martine was full of life, incredible high energy and that’s what keeps me on going its amazing! I wanted also apologize for not being posting at all, l know Paris  fashion week  going on, but with time l will review all your favorite brands. This month it’s my birthday so, lot’s celebration going on, many friends to celebrate in different style, last night was at Blue, tomorrow will be a VOGUE party, can’t wait to share my cake, you guys won’t believe what l order for this sweet reunion anyways stay Fabulous and l’ll see you soon. Jul


moira said...

Vogue party..WHY NOT?? Luv the blue nite with the baby blue and ooh not forgetting baby Juju in her blue lacy dress. Way to go to celebrate a blue niteout:)

Lara said...

You're so BLUEtiful! ^O^ I love the dress, you wear it so well! *O* I hope you'd enjoy a lot! Lot of kissess!!!!<3

Juliana Marques said...

awwwwwwwwwww thank you babessssss love you all!!!! VOGUE!!!