Thursday, March 8, 2012


Who?? Anna Wintour the Vogue editor in-chief, the most powerful women in the Fashion Industry. I still remember when BFF Ana Paula and I, met her at Carolina Herrera fashion show last September in NYC, the feeling of seeing the Queen sooo close its Incredible, it’s like nothing else going on, you can’t hear any song, sound you feel like the world stops right there. For me it’s like Ah the dream, l also remember that l said to her bodyguard, that l love Anna and someday, somehow l will be her!!!She heard, she looked me up and down and still txt on her inseparable cell phone(not really different than me and my phone BTW)So the show stared and l was looking at Anna the whole time, l couldn’t blink l was soooo amazed that she was right there in front of me, l still thank God till now for this Gift Now in my world we still on celebration vibe, last night l had lovely friends over for a small dinner, it was suppose to be a costume party, but was only 7 amazing people coming so we diced just keep the dinner, but after waking up in the morning l felt bad like that wasn’t me, l mean l had order a fashion cake saying VOGUE, l bayed each girlfriend a VOGUE so why not dress up as Anna Wintour!? Who cares if l was the only one dress up, l always do that, remember when l was Madonna at Super Bowl? So yes l got the wig, couldn’t find the same color as Anna, but a strong red, so l new it that would perfect for the pictures. My friend’s and l had a blast, we sang at the karaoke had yummy food, great wine and the most important, l had LOVE* Being Anna Wintour was the most amazing idea l had, sense l’m being called bossy for always pick the color that we girls should be wearing when we do your girls night out, so yes babe!! l’m bossy and l will never stop;) because Anna and l knows Best*

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