Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank God Halloween is over!!!!!!!! ;)

What Halloween BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO had a blast,lovely,strange time ever!!!!!!! l got a lot email of people asking me to post the pics and also why sooo many costumes well..l`m a fun person,who loves fashion,Music and enjoy everything!!!but l believe also it has to be where l`m coming from-->BRAZIL...Carnaval its a big party in February,one week of lot`s Music joy, every night we change our costume,repeating only the last night.Now my people and l are thinking to make a party,dinner party,Costume Party lol so here it is all my 3 costumes,Marie Antoinette,Witch,and Ms.Fabulous Marilyn Monroe;)That`s what life is about having Good Time;) Cheers!!!!

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