Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Always when l`m PMSING, l gotta spend money.l know l should tell my therapist,but l feel more pleasure and happiness when l`m about to kill somebody ;/ So today,l was looking for a big black hat.Not that l don't have,but l wanted to find something special
Hats are fun,now everyone wear it,from celebrities Models or you can always bump (if your luck)in the streets
l didn't find the black l wanted,but l did found a red mean dark pick,l`m not sure really the color,but it`s gorgeous,when l wear l promise to post a pic
and if you are afraid to wear it,because l were, don't be!!people will always look,it means that you are in VOGUE,you got style and hat it is a important key,a fun piece that you must enjoy;)

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Roxy Indica said...

Bellísimos los looks con sombrero!! Yo suelo usar también. Y hoy subí fotos de Pattie Boyd con capelina!
Un beso!