Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yeahh Love is all around *_*
Like everybody knows, l`m getting married
This year lol Well that's what happens right!?
You meet the dude fall in LOVE than...Powwow
You get Married...bla bla bla everybody knows that
The reason l`m posting this is, cause l`m amazed
With those past weeding we had Kate, Lily, and Prince
Albert and  Ahh-of-course Carolyn Bessette. What
Called a lot my attention was, the dresses!
Very classic and simple. Sense Carolyn
Married JFK.JR in September 21, 1996, l was
Always in Love with her dress;) and still have
Believe you, or not the pics from her weeding lol
l think it’s just amazing that the old fashion style
Dresses are back! The simple it’s better and l love it *

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