Wednesday, July 13, 2011


l think is time for John Galliano come back!!
it was lovely of Kate Moss asked him to make her
wedding dress, a LOLA dress as Galliano dresses
l never said anything about all those videos,the
drama around him...l being watching and reading
all about it and honestly!? l think that's it!!People
gotta leave him alone, stop say stupid things, stop
following him and try to hurt him with stupid comment
People make mistakes, it was a HUGE mistake what he said
BUT its not the end of the world mistakes we make all the
time..we live we learn and l`m sure he did learned with all
this mess around him.DIOR doesn't wanna him anymore!???
FINE!!!!let him be now, he is a Genius!after Lee McQueen
l believe, Galliano has an incredible talent and hes not
suposed be there without do anything, he gotta come back
We Lolas need Galliano fantasy;)

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