Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saint Patrick`s Day..Here We Go Again**

l Must Be Irish lol l know l already posted
About Saint Patrick Day,but today l was all
Day with my H-Mum Styling your outfit.l`m
Wearing a GREEN skirt,Black Top and a Boa
Aww and a crown..omg!it look adorable;)
Thank God Green its a fun and easy color
To Play.Everywhere was and it is about green
Everyone Getting ready for this FUN day in
U.S.A but sounds like,l`m the most excited^^
So many Holidays Next Easter than 4*July
l already have People Planing all the
Party`s,And of-course we gotta think in
How to Dress up for all those Party`s
So whatever you do thins Saint Patricks
Make sure to look Cool,to be first yourself
And Pleaseeeeeee HAVE FUN!!

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