Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going on a Trip??**

l don't know you,but when l go on a trip,my
Life became crazy**in the amazing way of-curse!
How excited to pack and go away,to relax,or party
Like a Rock Star*it doesn't matter,but just to
Get the feeling that you are going to some where
Its just awesome!first comes the Pack thing OMG!!
l want to bring my whole Closet,but this year
Fashion On Rock,will be smart just bring smart
Pieces to match with other things,cause we always
The end shopping..l know me for very well..The other
Thing very important,is what to wear while you are
At The Airport**come-on you don't wanna look like
Anyone else.You should be Comfortable?Yes!But don't
Forget to be Cool,To be You,To be Fashion**
So Let`s Pack;)

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