Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reaching For His Heart

I awake all Filled with you.
Your image and the intoxicating
Pleasures of last Night,
allow my senses no rest.
Sweet and matchless
Josephine,How strangely you
Work upon my heart
Are you angry With Me?
Are you unhappy?Are you
My Soul is broken with
grief and my love for you
Forbids repose.But how can
I rest any more,When l yield
to the feeling that Masters
my inmost self,When l quaff
from your lips and from your
Heart a scorching flame?
Yes!One Night has taught
me how far your portrait falls
Short of yourself!
You start at midday:in
Three hours l shall see you
Till Then,a thousand
Kisses,Mio dolce amor!but
give me none back for they set
my blood on fire.

From;Napoleon Bonaparte To Josephine

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