Friday, February 4, 2011

Miami**Here We Go!!

All Right its time to put your Dance Shoes On MIAMI!!
What Happens when,Fashion On Rock Meets Style Around??
Yes!!Lot`s of Fashion,Music,Fun,Glamorous Time**
l`m talking about the pleasure to have my BFF
Ms.Ana Paula Lima,over a Week in Miami Beach;)Ana is
Stylist, Fashion Producer, Fashion Consultant,Personal
Stylist and has the blog Style Around,also she is My BFF;)
yeahh l couldn't have a better Friend than she Right!?
Well l`m very Happy,l`m sure it will be a Moment to never
Forget!SOOOOO have fun this weekend Lovers,yeahhhh
Enjoy Super Bowl,let`s celebrate this Fun day in*AMERICA*

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