Monday, December 27, 2010

U2 360*

Dear Lovers,
Like l said before,it's not all about Fashion
In My World.It's About Music,Life,and Love;)
So today,in the way to my Doc`s office,l diced
To stop at Target,and get a CD,something to ROCK
My Moment,something to make me Smile.So l did,l got
The U2 "CD"call U2 360* at The Rose excited
Right!? till l got back to the car,and l realized that
Was a DVD:(l got so MAD,but now when l got back home
l put the DVD on....and never felt so happy lol so
Thank God for this Mistake,the DVD it's Nothing
But Beautiful;)Sometimes Things Doesn't happens The
Way we wanna,but in The End all Makes sense **

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