Sunday, December 26, 2010


SOoooOO Did Santa Came to Town!??Hope So;)
Wanted to thank my dear Friends for the Amazing
Christmas EVA!it was a fun day,with all the gifts
Yummy Food(that l made;)Amanda was great holding all
Those Presents(Tks For Sharing)lol.Thanks also for those
Lazy People,who can't get the phone to wish"Merry Christmas"
And send to 100 people the same txt lol what a shame lol
But Thanks anyway LAZY People;)still loving you!hahahahahh
Anyway hope u all had an Amazing time,Peaceful time,because
That`s what really matters right!?


Owais said...

trust u had a wonderful christmas and r having an awesome time enjoying the holidays ... wish u a happy new year :)



Juliana Marques said...

Aw Owais:)did you see the pics on FB!?yeahh l feel very Blessing for had my friends was great:)
happy New Year to you too!
much love!