Friday, October 23, 2009

All About Me ;)

l think everybody in the World know`s that l`m going
To NYC next week. lol but what Nobody knows,is
That l`m going to have a special Visit,From Brazil.
Ms.Ana Paula Lima,I`ll meet Her in NY.She is one of,
My Best Friend`s. I can`t explain how Happy l`m:)))
She is Like A sister,she knows everything.After My Mom
l Need to tell Anna what`s going on:)All The Drama,
All The Happiness.Your Friendship Is Better Then ICE CREAM!!
Soooooooo This Weekend l`m gonna be under the water(:
Yeahh l Wanna Relax, and rest.and get ready For Next Week
Cause l`m gonna Be Very Busy and Happy!
Much Love
JuB`S ;O)

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