Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All About Me ;)

OMG! Do You know, that movie"Ghosts of Girlfriend Past"?
Is Happening to me lol But "Ghosts of BoyFreinds Past"
The last one l saw at publix.l`m very Scary lol
My Yoga Teacher said to me,that l have the Power
To Attract Peoplelol hahahah l told him that l
Been Attract lot`s of Assholes hahah my Friend,
Anna Rico said:Sweety Be Hold Is Halloween Booooooo
Now l`m Afraid to sleep;( hahah l think l`m going to
Watch The Movie"How to Lose A guy In 10 Days"
Juju ;)

P.S:Tomorrow, I`ll be posting in my blog.sorry about that
this trip to Ny is been Crazy.l been shopping, and packing
Very Busy,and Happy :)

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