Sunday, October 18, 2015

London, France, and 2(x)ist Underpants by Yuriy Zubarev

DSC_0456                                                                 Underwear. Everyone wears it…in one form or another. It’s there to do all the usual things. If you’re a man, it’s there to hold things in place so they don’t move around, or to provide another layer of protection between a man’s most precious jewels and the outer layers. It’s there to make sure the long—sword doesn’t get chaffed and the magic jewels aren’t irritated. If you’re a woman it’s there to…well, it’s there to…okay, well, I’m not really sure what it’s there for if you’re a woman. I’m a man, so I’ll leave it to the experts to tell us what it’s there for. But that’s not really the point. The point is that the most humble of all things, other than the sock, underwear, has, through many years of trial and error, advanced both technologically and stylistically.

No longer are men girding their loins or cutting out the tags to their Hanes. No longer are men choosing only between black and white. Men have become liberated and now have choices in everything from the material type, to the cut, the fit, the color, the shape, the stitching, waist height, waist “lowth”, crotch depth etc. There are now more choices in underwear than there have ever been and with the changing of the season so there are even more changes to the now not-so-humble men’s undergarment. Leading the charge is 2(x)ist an exceptional men’s underwear line that realized there was a gap in the industry and decided to fill it by providing men with that much needed solution to the age old question “style or comfort?”

Founded in 1991 2(x)ist has lead the charge in men’s underwear by not making men choose between style and comfort but by combining the two and presenting men with a viable alternative that the everyday man can take from work to happy hour and on to whatever events he may have planned in the evening time. 2(x)ist’s latest line for its 25th Anniversary did just that. The collection presented the fact that it is possible to be comfortable, functional, and, apparently extremely well chiseled, but only if you have 2(x)ist underwear. On that note, on to the collection….



DSC_0483 (1)

DSC_0546 (1)

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