Friday, May 1, 2015

Oculto Manor THE Party*

Ladies and gentlemen, Oculto Manor is in Miami.
Last week my friends and I had the pleasure to be invited to this incredible, amazing event for the launch of Oculto, a new lager blended with beer aged on tequila barrel staves.
The invitation said to “be prepared to expect the unexpected,” and it really was an unforgettable experience. It began by entering into a regular room serving Oculto, of course, and it was honestly perfect right there.
After waiting there for a while, we were invited to enter into one of three different doorways. Our group gathered, and ushered into a room that looked like a 1950s office, with actors telling us “the boss” was coming soon. They guided us around the office, having us separate, calling us into the back office, and having us sign a card for one of the office mates. It was so much fun because we truly didn’t know what to expect and we loved playing along. Soon we were sent through another door where we were suddenly at a pool party, with a lifeguard on a megaphone urging us to play in the big “pool” filled with huge rubber balls. My group was then sent through a secret door inside the pool where we entered into a dance hall back stage dressing room. That part was my favorite because we could dress up in the outfits they had hanging there and act like we were a part of it.
There were other crazy rooms, such as “house party” where we jumped on the bed to music and exited through the refrigerator. There was also a sauna room and chapel covered in pink where a photographer took our picture.
After that, we entered a big smoky room with trees and lights and were treated to the music of the band Little Dragon. It was really amazing with fun people, and delicious beer.
It was one of the best parties and most surprising parties I’ve ever been to. We’ll never forget the marvelous night that Oculto Manor gave to us.



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