Monday, October 6, 2014

Missoni for Target Australia Collection

Missoni is coming to Australia in one exclusive collection for Target!!

Belissima Angela Missoni has created a large-scale lounge chair (6 metres high) to mark the launch of the Missoni for Target Australia Collection.

Angela is for sure surprising the locals and us all over the world
The chair is covered in a pattern from the collaboration and reflects the Italians spirit of summer, fun and color.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014 is when the Missoni magic happens, a beautiful collection full of pieces such as beach umbrellas, pillows and loungers in Missoni for Target fabrics.

Missoni is well known for their classic, chic and absolutely colorful knitwear designs that amazed the world.

l adore the Missoni family and for all they have done, the Australians are very lucky to be able to have this amazing collection.

The collection will go on sale simultaneously across 60 stores in Australia as well as online at:
Don’t miss it!!!

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