Thursday, May 1, 2014

My trip to Topshop to check Kate Moss collection

Yesterday l end up going to the Topshop store at the mall.

I was so excited to finally see the Kate Moss collection; l could compare me as a child excited for a new toy.

Well l live in a small city so they have only few pieces, which was ok because come-on, it was Kate Moss collection.

l was amazed in how great quality the pieces were and how fashionable.

I tried 2 dresses the yellow one and the black one, the “one” she wore with Jonny Depp back 90’s.

I wish l could have got it all, but l’m extremely happy and glad that l was able to buy the yellow dress.

This dress is really special for me, because it’s not just a dress, it’s something that my favorite model in the world picked, and wore in some fabulous time in the past.

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