Saturday, April 19, 2014

Victoria Beckham 40 and Fabulous!!!!

pizap.com13979621560372                                         Victoria Beckham turned 40 years old this past week.

She looks attuning and even more fashionable than ever.

I had a chance to see Victoria at the legendary house, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City last year.

Victoria had a small and private event at her store inside of the Bergdorf.

I was visiting my friend Karen Cortell who works at Bergdorf and just happened me to be there at the same time of Victoria’s event.

I was looking from outside of the event and then Victoria showed up fully of grace, talking to everyone and told her security that she wanted everyone to enjoy and celebrate her spring 2014 collection.

I was amazed in how Victoria was treating everyone with so much sympathy, love and caring.

So now you know that besides Victoria being incredible talent and a fashion icon, she’s full of love and respect to others.

I separated for you here one of my favorite looks of the spice, power girl Victoria Beckham.


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