Thursday, March 20, 2014

Amor da Terra....Love the Earth spring 2014 Jewelry collection

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I recently had the pleasure to meet with eco/ethical designer and Brazilian model, Priscilla Miranda in Miami. Priscilla invited me over at her home studio to talk about her unique jewelry collection, “Amor da Terra,” which means “Love the Earth” in Portuguese. Her designs are inspired by the beauty and charm of Brazilian biodiversity, mixing natural materials such as stones, bamboo, leather, mother-of-pearl, and wood beads with gold and silver for an amazing and unique effect.

Pricilla has worked in the fashion industry in many capacities for over a decade. She explained that her background and vision has allowed her to expand her passion into the artistic world of accessories. “There’s nothing like a fashionable necklace to express your mood and compliment who you are,” she told me. I totally agree with that. Accessories are a must!

Priscilla is from Curitiba, in southern Brazil. Twice a year, she travels to her home country to make her Amor da Terra magic happen. She told me that she doesn’t use sketching in her design process. Inspiration comes from visualizing and feeling the natural materials, shapes, and textures.

I think her passion and desire to create her collection is incredible.  Besides being beautiful, Priscilla is very pure and extremely focused on what she wants. And what she wants is to spread Amor da Terra wherever she can (including Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Fashion on Rock loves that!)

With every accessory purchased, Amor da Terra donates a tree to the Brazilian rainforest, to help stabilize the global climate and fight global warming.

I’m happy to see how Amor da Terra can even impress people like Donna Karan, who was delighted to receive a necklace and hinted it may be used in her next runway show (and that she wants to work with Brazilian artists this year).

If you’d like to check out Amor da Terra, head over to their website at and on Facebook. Follow Amor da Terra on Instagram at @amordaterraofficial.
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