Monday, December 30, 2013

* The little black dress*

All right… Let’s talk about the famous, easy, simple, cool, chic and absolutely classic “the little black dress”. I know you must be thinking; Ah nothing new…Well yeahh but many of us sometimes  forget that and other times even look at the black dress with some negativity wondering if the look with be just the same. So l’m telling you, please don’t give up this fancy little dress that has being here since 1920’s…since Coco Chanel, who adored a black dress like anyone else in this world. What we need to accept is that “the little black dress” rules and most of the time save us in many situations. Anytime, anywhere is on the tag of this precious little thing, so please be kind*  

main.originallittle-black-dressLittle-Black-Dress-2Hepburn_Sabrina copy

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