Sunday, January 23, 2011

From; PARIS------->NEW YORK---->VOGUE

It must be Amazing if you have time to extend in front
Your Closet,and think;Well what l`m gonna wear today...
Most of the girls in the whole world,goes with the moon
How they feel that Day.l wish l could do that.But no l can`t.
Normally l have to feel the"Moon" a night before...l`m too
Busy to wake up and enjoy myself in front my Full Closet:/
Here in my post l diced to take a look,in what the girl`s
In Paris and NY are wearing in they day time and l need to
Be Very Honest..Paris Girls are looking more sophisticated
Than the NY Girls..Sorry to say that,BUT they are all looking they way,they`s like the VOGUE song
Let your body go with the flow,You Know you can do it
And that`s what Really Matters------->VOGUE<-------;)

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