Wednesday, October 27, 2010


well who knows me,knows that l LOVE Madonna
Always when l`m sad,l listen her songs,and l feel
Absolutely HAPPY.Last Night Talking to my Dear Friend
Ana Paula,about How l would love to be Madonna at my first
Halloween Party...than this morning l don't know how,l did
Find The costume** the gold top,like the one Jean Paul Gaultier
Made it for her Blond Ambition Tour.Jean Paul who initially
Prepared almost fifteen hundred sketches to help Madonna
Defining the various looks of the show, but Madonna knew
Exactly what she wanted."When I proposed my designs", said
Gaultier in an interview, "it was, that no, that yes, no,
yes, no". Gaultier who admired Madonna since the early
Days of her career admitted that working with her on the
Blond Ambition Show was definitely one of the highlights of
his career."I love Madonna. That was one of the best times
Of my career,"He Told the Observer.And so do l Love Madonna
All her songs,energy,her happiness.who doesn't want to be like
Her!? incredibly Full of Life!


Follow me home said...

like your blog a lot....

Juliana Marques said...

Happy to know that Honey;)have fun!!