Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Night Out 2010**

Fashion Night Out,Really was a night to never
Forget.l never in my life saw,such Beautiful Vibe
People from everywhere shopping and happily being
Out and About.You could tell from peoples faces they
Were excited about being could find at stores
Lot`s of Music,Drinks,Model,Designers,Photographers
Everybody was Out it was amazing!My favorite store was
Burberry With its was Gorgeous Fall Collection,Lovely
Salespeople and incredible energy.well l always Loved
The London Look.Chanel also was glamorous.Madison av/was
Unbelievable Packed with fashionable people Breathing fashion
On the street,stores everywhere.l`m in LOVE with Fashion more
Than eva,such an amazing World that l`m proud to be part of
And Let`s Cheer VOGUE for making this event Glamorous and
Lots Of fun for Everyone!! ;)

Juliana Marques

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